Monday’s, am I right?

Got rear ended on my way home from today. I looked up in my rear view and saw the guy coming towards me at 8-10 mph staring at his cell phone. BAM. Here’s where it gets interesting..


The guy signals me to pull over (thank god, I assumed he was going to run), we get out and assess the cars. His MKZ is already beat to hell, mine doesn’t look horrible. He lets me know he doesn’t have insurance and will pay me in cash. This freaks me out a bit and I try to get all information I can as a precaution.

Homie doesn’t have a license on him but does have a passport. This feels sketchy. I get a picture of his passport info and made sure the number he gave was actually his. He apologizes again and assures me he’ll pay me.

Should I have gotten a police report? Yeah, most likely, but this was my first accident, I just got his info and didn’t really think to since the car didn’t look too bad and I wasn’t hurt.

I do some digging after I get home and find out homie’s got like 3 felony arrests for drugs, assault, etc. I’m feeling pretty pessimistic he’ll return my call/get any money. Oh well, I’m not hurt and the car isn’t badly damaged. That’s all that really matters.


Will get an estimate tomorrow. I’m thinking at least $1500+. Happy Monday!

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