Boom Upgrade

Okay first off I saw End Game and it was Marvel Movie. If you like them, you’ll like this one A LOT, if you don’t you’ll probably still kinda like it.

In other news... I got some new lights in the garage.

Here’s a little before and after. Install was poorly thought out on my part, and still only took an hour. The difference is amazing. Especially for something so relatively cheap. This 6 pk of 4 foot LED lights is 47 bucks on amazon and if they last a couple years, I’ll say they are 100% worth it.


Actually if they last one year I’d say they are worth it. They work especially well of you have existing bulb sockets that you can screw those outlet adapters into. If your plugs are on the wall they cords will be too short, 4 ft for the plug ins, and 20” for the daisy chain connectors. They send you 6 of each. Oh yeah I I’d break one mounting clip, I think the problem comes in when you screw them in too tonight, then they can’t spread enough to clip and snap instead. I just threw a zip tie around the broken one.

As you can see my garage still isn’t clean but it’s come a long way since October when it was so full of junk that you couldn’t get one car into it, and the bay door was so broken you couldn’t open it.

In other exciting news we put an offer on the house that this Garage comes with. We’re 70% sure we’ll get outbid even tho we offered asking price but we’ll see. A bay for each car and one for bikes!


Oh I forgot. This is my car. I like my car. Took thin walking out of End Game. 

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