Boostang Borked....Again

Brake fluid is not suppose to leak into the cabin.......But there it is at about 41,000 miles (I’ve never driven a single car this many miles before)!

Over the last month I had to refill the reservoir twice, with no external leakage. I saw this somewhat dark spot but didn’t think anything of it; I think it was a slighty rainy day when I noticed it and thought it was a wet shoe. That was a few weeks ago.


Then when I got in the car this afternoon and realized it was much bigger, I investigated further and realized where the missing brake fluid was ending up. D’OH!

Drove straight to the dealership and dropped it off. Got a call an hour later saying the clutch was leaking. And I’m pretty sure the master cylinder is the issue. I feel like this should be covered somewhere under powertrain warranty, but I was told by my service advisor/friend to be prepared to contact Ford Customer Service, just in case. Also the carpet, because that’s not gonna be a simple cleanup, and knowing full well that brake fluid is hell on paint...This isn’t gonna be pretty.

The 931 isn’t the worst car to daily in spite of things, but I’m missing the radio and bluetooth audio. 

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