I don’t need to be an engine tech to tell you that this isn’t good. I got the car back from the dealer today because problem solving was going nowhere.

Here’s what happened. I dropped it off yesterday afternoon when we signed the paperwork for my mum’s new Explorer, and I took it back today when we took delivery of the Explorer.

My mod friendly service adviser tried to help me as best he could, but the engine tech was adamant to take it back to as stock as possible, and he wanted the active grille shutters put back in before he’d look further into the issue. He hadn’t even looked at it any more than I did! I’d removed those shutters when I installed my GT grille after the intercooler installation last year, held onto them until this summer and threw them out while cleaning out the garage.

These are what the shutters look like...


Because somehow this part has something to do with, and will make my burning coolant problem go away is what I’m understanding (logic), I wasn’t gonna go buy a $300 part to be installed just to see if it would fix the problem that I know damn well is internal at this point. So I took the car home and topped off the coolant, again... I checked the oil via dipstick abd it looked clearer than before but no milkshake. I check the back of the oil cap and am greeted by oil/coolant snot you see above.

If that’s not enough proof that something is wrong, then I don’t know. I guess my car blowing up would be definitive proof. I’m going back to the dealer, finding another dealer willing to work with me on this (hopefully), or an independent mechanic who can handle this. In a perfect world I’d do this myself...Heck, I even started looking for instructions on how to remove the head on this car.