But now I drive a V8

Still young at 32k miles. Needs a little TLC (curb rash on all the wheels in one form or another, mismatched front tires, paint needs correcting for swirls, cooled seat needs warranty work), but that’s no biggie for as cheap as I got it thanks to the help of fellow opponaut Jay Lauer. Haven’t driven it a whole lot, but so far it drives great. The drive back to Wichita from Houston should be nice.

First impressions: it’s like mine but it sounds better and is blacker. 5.0 power delivery is...odd. Honestly my EB felt torquier down low but a quick shift near redline really makes the V8 shine. It honestly almost feels like a turbo car in the way it builds power, just more linear in that torque comes on smoothly instead of in one ‘jump’. Did I mention the sound? V8s are delicious.

The clutch spring is annoying, that’ll be fixed eventually. Honestly I’m already getting used to it, but my starts aren’t the greatest yet. This doesn’t have the extra premium package like my EB did and the differences are interesting. For example the upper part of the door panel on the Ecoboost was squishy while the GT is hard plastic. Weird.


TL;DR I have a GT now