I wear pretty much nothing but Paratrooper boots year round, and all my current pairs are at (or well past) the end of their life. I’m looking for recommendations for their replacement.

I have both Bates & Rocky boots, and both have bee ok, but not great. I ordered a new set of Bates and when they came in the top snap flap doesn’t snap with the boot on, the sizing was weirdly huge (ordered the same size as my current ones), and something was way off in the cut of the leather above the ankle such than they were pressing into the side of my leg above ankle enough to raise a bruise with an hour’s wear.


So I am looking for other options. I wear a mens 10.5 wide, and have bad ankles, so I need the ankle support of a tall boot. Only hard requirements are:

  • -Over the ankle (8-10" preferred)
  • -Side zip or other means to avoid having to untie& unlace them every time.
  • -lug or other grippy sole.
  • -Comes in black (preferably leather).
  • -Not insulated.

The boots I’ve been buying run $100-$150 a pair, but I will pay more for quality footwear.