So school photo days were a while ago, meaning things were slowing down at my job. Way down. To the point where I’d run out of work before the day’s half over. I knew this wasn’t good, and today my suspicions were realized. Got a call from HR telling me they were in the middle of layoffs, and guess who was first on the chopping block. They’d like me back for the spring, but they didn’t tell me exactly when. I could be back late early March or at the ass-end of June for all I know. On top of that they sent me an email as well about my current lack of an income. It was just the HR rep saying “You should file for unemployment.” Well fuck you too. Way to make me actually WANT the pre-written corporate drivel most other employers would send out (y’know, the whole “we regret to inform to, blah blah, best of luck). Honestly I’m just glad I don’t have to wake up at the ass-end of the morning anymore to drive half an hour on the interstate in a....dubious choice of car. 

Whelp, time for freelance work in the meantime. Anyone here need a graphic designer to make you stuff like postcards, web banners, logos, ect? As you can see I ain’t half bad.