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Border Patrol, New Zealand.

Every bloody time.

People not declaring food and then getting annoyed when they get stopped.

One Chinese couple who were entering New Zealand for a holiday, with onions, cabbage, sugar, etc...


Do people think Australia and New Zealand have no food what so ever or something.

A Swiss guy and his son who brought in apples from their back garden in Switzerland, got a $400 fine for failing to declare them and even writing on the declaration card that he has no fruit or vegetables with him.


Who takes fruit and veg on holiday with them!?

Just get a bag or two of sweets either chewy or boiled for the flight.

If you take other stuff, be honest and declare them or get a large fine.


Now a Canadian woman declared no fruit or vegetables and sure enough, no fruit or veg present, but she also didn’t declare the fact she had a cat with her, saying it’s her support cat for anxiety, she’s not on meds or anything. She intends to go paragliding, how much anxiety can she have if she enjoys paragliding?


EDIT: to clarify. She said she gets anxiety from paragliding so has the cat to help with the anxiety. 

((she got turned around back to Canada and had to pay $2,000 to ship the cat back))


A Dutch guy had admitted that he has a pillow of cocaine in his bag. He originally swallowed 30 pellets of cocaine, but found it uncomfortable, so passed them and put them in a pillow thinking he’d still get them passed.

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