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bore sighting rifle

I went to a range this weekend. Tried shooting my rifle. Discovered the scope actually came loose. Had a range office help me remove the scope, tighten the rail and mount the scope back on.

Since I don’t know much about sighting in a scope yet, I asked him to help me bore sight it and then zero it in.


What came next was rather interesting and I am trying to find more information on this.

When he was bore sighting in the rifle, he used a left hand method. Make a fist with left hand with thumb sticking out. I think what he was saying is that if you want to move left for instance, you follow your fingers and tighten the windage turret counterclockwise if you are looking at it.


Then once he got it bore sighted, he used the right hand method to zero the rifle in.

What I am trying to find out why left hand vs right hand rule? He says there is an optical illusion, but I am not quite sure how it all works.

Anyone use this method?

As a side note, this guy knew exactly what he was doing. I was at 100 yards and hit bulls eye in 2 shots.


I will go next weekend and pick his brain some more but I wanted to get more info on this left hand vs right hand method and on the optical illusion thing.

After all, if I am out hunting zombies and my scope comes loose, I need to be able to do this without bore sighting lasers once i fix the scope issue. 

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