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I’ll be here all day, people. Send some joy. Maybe some help, too.

Something like that. In other words, I’m bored and in class, with nothing to do, really. Guess it’s just been that kind of day, really. Slow. Testing for other people. In a way, I strangely envy them. They get it harder, but I really would’ve loved to miss the day. So tired.


EOCs come soon, for me too. Wednesday, I think is the first one I have. I think. They give so many of the damn things that I can’t tell the times apart. I just want to sleep. Maybe write something down for class before I do. I don’t know, it’s all a blur anyways. The days and weeks always pass the slowest, but the months and years the fastest. Isn’t it funny how our short-term perception is so precise and accurate that it slows reality to us? And isn’t it funnier yet that when we look at the long term, our perception breaks down like all things that last a long life, and it all goes so much faster?

Yeah, definetely. Send help.

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