...Not that there’s nothing to do, but I’m stuck waiting for other people before I can do anything with it. So I sit here plotting gas station hops for this summers road trip, when...


...yeah, no. No way that’s a 9h39m stretch. That works out to an average speed of 51.81 km/h.

If I divide the run into 5 roughly equal stages I can get a better idea of how far off this is. 5 sections multiplied by a 51.81 km/h average gives me a total of 259.05. From this I can begin deducting the speeds I expect to travel (OK, we’ll stick to speed limits for the sake of the argument). From the top left and working back, that’s about 89 (2 limit areas), 80, 80, 63 (2 limit areas), 60 afaik. The last 2 might both be 70. Doesn’t really matter, because after taking off the first 3, I’m left with 10.05, and dividing that between the two remaining sections gives me 5.025 km/h as what google expects me to average on that stretch.


Going by conservative numbers, I’d count on averages of 95, 90, 90, 65, 55 for each of those sections based on normal Ontario traffic. So, (95+90+90+65+55)÷5= 79 km/h average. 500km÷79= 6.329h, or about 6h20m. throw in a half-hour lunch stop and I should still beat google’s time by nearly 3 hours.

I love it when google is wrong. Place your bets, oppo, how much can I beat it by?