According to the description:

“1996 Nissan Pathfinder promotional advertisement from Nissan Motor Company. Titled “Pathfinder on Safari” This was obtained from a Nissan promo campaign in late 1995/early 1996. The full-length 8 minute long VHS video tape came delivered in a burlap zipper bag along with promotional brochures for the 1996 Pathfinder SUV. A shorter version of this promo video was used for TV ads at the time.”

This is pretty cringey now, what with the tribal pandering and the obvious rhino harassment (which, how stupid was that!) but a pretty interesting look into the past.

I really miss these long form promotional ads that companies used to send out. I remember watching an infiniti I30 one from this time period on VHS. My grandma was shopping for another Cadillac and infiniti, a relatively new brand and they sought to win her as a conquest. Holy crap I found it!

Here you go, welcome to my teenage years all over.

I wish manufactures would do these still.