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I learned how to love the fuel shortage, well,

It isn’t a shortage anymore, a judge ordered Obrador to have the pipes re-opened, but people are stupid and keep buying and buying and buying fuel. So the lines are still long.


But I feel no more stress taking the bus than by driving, and I’m saving a lot of money. Also air quality improved in many parts of the country... not my city, but still.

In the last ten days I drove once and it felt like an occasion. I do feel sad though because most of the cars the bus passes had one passenger, which I normally don’t give a shit about but during a widely anticipated fuel shortage, how does this make sense?


I still recognize that I’m lucky that there’s a bus near my house and my commute hours aren’t crazy. Our mayor promised public transport and food suplies will remain functional no matter what thanks to a contingency plan with Pemex. This is not something mayors or governors across the country had the power to do however... and to them it was a challenge.


I want this shortage to end, but I still feel like I should continue taking the bus more, or at least carpool.