Borrowed some new shoes

The Murdersofa’s alignment is completely boned, and my tires were down to cords. As such, I didn’t feel safe driving on them so I called in a favor and borrowed some Cadillac SeVille STS wheels from a busted car (lol head gasket) at work and put them on the Sofa for the weekend.

Not entirely sure how I like this. I’m going to find some steelies, finish them gloss black, and maybe get some chrome trim rings on them. These are classy as hell, though.


Next to my cheap beat-to-shit chinese knockoff wheels. You can actually see how out-of-round they are thanks to our city’s wonderful potholes. On the right, 245R18. On the left 225R16 and a HELL of a lot more sidewall. So comfy.

Two jacks, one airgun, no problems. Had a wheelie stool, thank god. I tried doing the other side without the stool and my back still hurts two days later


The victim

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