...so here is a history of the 126p’s design changes (...that I may or may not have posted here before, but can’t remember) in the form of pixel art! :D

And here is a picture of the factory tool kit that came with every FIAT 126!

And here is a picture showing the mechanicals of an early 126p ST model! The gas tanks were mounted to one side of the car as the interior heat piping from the air-cooled engine occupied the same space on the opposite side! Fuel capacity? 20.5L or about 5.5 US gallons - as much as a larger sized jerry can!


Did you know that the 126p could be ordered with swanky aftermarket interior? These are very sought after today and rare - made by a company called Inter Groclin - and were a slick design with a one-piece backrest with integrated headrest, unlike the 126's usual seats with removable headrests! Inter Groclin also had interior options on the FSO Polonez Caro as well!


This has been a special 126p bulletin.