Boss of Bosses (Boss 302): Keep Oppo Corridos.


-i like corridos because they are the the real facts of our town

-yes i like them because in them they sing the pure truth

-well put them on

- ok here it goes

I'm the Boss of Bosses gentlemen,

Im respected at all levels,

And my name and my picture,

You will never see on paper(news)

Because the journalist likes me,

And if not , he loses my friendship

Many chickens that are just born,

already want to fight with the rooster,

If they wanted to keep up with me,

Well they would have to spend many years trying

And I will not leave them the spot,

Where I am always putting order.

My work and reputation have cost me

to get the contacts that I have,

Many want to climb to my place

i just look at them failing

They have wanted to scratch my crown,

Those who try to, have been wasted.

I navigate underwater,

And also will fly on the sky,

Many believe that the government is looking for me,

Others say it is a lie,

From above I just have fun ,

because I like that they get confused.

In life you have rules

From one to reach one hundred,

The man who wants to have honor,

he must teach himself to look at their level,

with no talent dont look for greatness

Because you're never gonna have it

I'm the Boss of Bosses gentlemen,

And it is not presumptuous to say,

Many important people ask me favors,

Because they know I'm the best,

They have sought the shade of the tree,

For them not to get sunburnt .

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