General PSA for anyone in the Boston area: 92.9's battle of the bands to select the opening local act for Earthfest has a semifinal show tonight.

Where? Ned Devine's at Faneuil Hall

When? 7pm

Who? I don't know to be honest...I'm going to support just one of the four bands playing.

So...who? Big Bad Bobby and the Shoehorns.

Are any of them named Bobby? No.

Are there shoehorns? No.

Then what's their deal? Honestly, not sure. They've been playing just for fun since high school and are a lot of fun. I'm excited that they have this opportunity!


So if you're in the area for some reason, go. You got nothing to's free.

Actually, you could lose your hearing. Their motto is "fast, loud and sloppy" so if they have their way you may need ear plugs.


Also fast and loud.