Let's all take a minute and just appreciate one of the best passes of the season.

You can't see this first set up bit in the gif, but Bottas had used his DRS on the pit straight to try and get past Gutierrez on the outside โ€” it wasn't going to work. Bottas, however, played his hand perfectly and executed a fantastic pass. At the crest of Turn 1 he was alongside but outside of Gut. Instead of falling behind and sticking to the racing line, he squared off the corner and switched to the opposite side of Gut. Coming down the hill from turn 1, Bottas holds strong on the outside line of Turn 2 with the extra speed he had because of his exit from 1. Gut tries to run Bot wide but Bot wasn't having any of it; what he did have was the inside line for turn 3 and a big set of balls to thank.

I hadn't really thought much of the young rookie all year, a fact probably mostly due to the car, but this past weekend really changed my opinion and I am very much looking forward to following what appears to be a young, emerging talent in F1.

Additionally, this really showed off what F1 passing is all about โ€” planning, execution, and hefty danglers. Don't get me wrong, I'm more for the DRS than I am against it and I like that it adds another dimension to the sport, but it has diluted the talent and skill that used to be required for every pass. Passes in F1 that aren't under DRS are really a thing of beauty and this one did a great job to show that they involve several corners if not several laps of planning and perfect execution to complete; I'm glad that many new/casual F1 fans here in America got to see it.