And I did that without leaving my office.

A colleague had some trouble with her 2007 (or 2006? I don’t really know) Golf Plus last week. When the car is warm, the DSG sometimes won’t upshift, or very late.
So she took the car to the dealer, where it sat a few days, waiting to get inspected, since they were pretty busy.
In the meantime, since she was thinking about maybe changing her car anyway, she went to check out a Mercedes B-class, and decided to buy it. The dealer offered her 1000€ for her Golf, knowing the DSG has an unknown problem, to which I replied that I could give her that too.
So I pretty much bought a 10 year old Golf plus TDI (2.0 I think?) with 210.000km for 1000€. Yay? Maybe?
The plan is to find out what the problem is, fix it, and flip it. OR, I could fix it and give it to my parents, since it’s pretty close to what they need. It is in really nice shape, has been driven gently, and serviced according to the service book.

Not the car, but similar