Bought a Christmas Present Thing for My Wife

Said thing is a 2019 Specialized Women’s Stumpjumper ST Comp Alloy 29, size Small. Spesh calls this color “Satin Gloss Marine Blue/Acid Fuchsia” and it pops way more in person than the photo. MSRP $3320 and the local bike shop had it listed at $2950. I figured with the 2020s starting to trickle in I could get it for less than that and offered $2700. The salesman took that pretty quickly so I probably could’ve gotten it another $50-100 lower but I’m happy to not have spent a bunch of time haggling. They also set it up tubeless which, though I could’ve done it myself, was a nice little bonus. Hopefully my wife will be happy with it and rides it lots. She took this exact bike for a short ride behind shop a few weeks ago and really liked it so I’m feeling pretty good about it.

Yes I’m using a Subaru wheel as a makeshift hose reel and still have pumpkins on my porch from Mid-October.

As for the bike, you’ve likely at least heard of the Stumpjumper. It has been around in one form or another since 1981 when it was the first mass-produced mountain bike. Today the Stumpjumper line is Specialized’s mainstay full-suspension trail bike range. They’ve done away with female-specific frames and moved to men’s and women’s tune of the that differ primarily in the saddle, shock tuning and available colors/sizes. For 2019 the frame is all-new with a one-sided design and off-center rear shock that I think is pretty clever and I’m excited to see how it performs. The Stumpie now comes in three versions - the standard 150 mm travel version, the descent-focused EVO which has the same travel but a much slacker/lower geometry, and the ST with 130/120 mm travel. There are carbon and alloy versions of each as well as 27.5 and 29" wheel/geometry options. This one here is an all-alloy ST with 29" wheels and the “Comp” component set that is one level (and over $1,000) up from the base. The trails here can be pretty rough on the drivetrain, suspension, and brakes, so upgrading those was essential in my mind. The next level up is brings the carbon frame with the same components but it goes over the $3000 cap I imposed on myself for this. My wife is just getting into trail riding and that’s as much as I’m willing to spend if she ends up not liking it. I love my carbon bike but I don’t think carbon versus a good alloy frame is enough to be the difference between someone getting into trail riding or giving up.

The ST basically replaced the Camber in Specialized’s lineup for 2019 as the 130 mm travel trail bike model. I ride a 2018 Camber and it handles the trails here really well so I think this will handle everything we throw at it for a while. The tires are fairly basic and 2.3" but there is room for up to 2.6 so we can upgrade those when it is time. The pedals are pretty meh but they will do for starting out. Everything is else is solid. Now I just need to get the reflectors and the dork disc off of it, find a bow to stick on it and somehow hide it until the 25th.

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