Bought a Forester today

It’s a base model automatic 2017 with 53000kms. So what do I need to know?

We are finally replacing the Elantra, the Pathfinder is now headed to full time family hauler and the Forester is now my car to get my fat ass to work and back.


I just checked my VIN on Subaru’s web site and my CVT has the warranty enhancement (10 years/160000k) just like my pathfinder got only was 7 years/140000)

I’ve got about I’ve got 7000km left on the full 3year warranty and 47000 on the 5 year engine.

I’m taking delivery sometime next week, first thing to do is to remove dealer stickers and finally stick my oppo sticker(s) Will try to post it sometime soon after.

I’m gonna instal a Remote starter, buy winter tires and wheels sometime this summer. I’m also already thinking a LED light bar since it’s always still dark out when I leave for work, and in winter, it’s dark on the drive home too.

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