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$2600, 154k miles, 3.4, auto, DX.

Came with a whole bunch of service records (yay!), guy I bought it from owned it since 2010 and 129k miles. Used primarily to go back and forth to their house upstate and haul shit. Not nearly as much rust as I normally see on Yotas of this vintage, and the retired cop I bought it from watched WAY too much Gas Monkey garage and was on his way to flat blacking the whole damn thing before it sold (as you can see on the bed). I should be able to get all of it off with some lacquer thinner since he did ZERO prep, as told by the over-sprayed leaves in the bed.


Plan is first to get ahead of the rust. I already ordered three cans of Eastwood internal frame coating, and will start to wire wheel the loose shit off of the frame hopefully by this weekend and coat it with maybe more Eastwood rust stuff and some sort of top coat before this warm-wave in the northeast wears off. There is a fair amount of bondo in the typical Toyota rust areas, but at least the dude tried staying ahead of it (albeit, badly, but better than nothing). If it does well into the summer, which according to everyone on the internet it will, because Toyota; it’ll get some real body work and fresh black paint.

Interior is/was pretty gross.. Just lots of coffee stains. No rips or cracks in the seats/dash/etc. That’s just elbow grease. It was weird opening the hood and seeing everything dry... quite the opposite from the Rover.


Now I need to change my avatar.

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