Bought a thing

Set of four 14" BBS RZ wheels (as released from the factory on the '92 C-package and the famous '93 LE) with four tires. Best part? $175 for the whole damn lot.

There's a couple catches: These wheels are rough in the cosmetic department (curbrash, etc). No center caps. The four tires are three different kinds and one of them has a nail in it (aka the good ones will be hooned to a quick death and then I'll have to go tire shopping).


Regardless—truly incredible price for these wonderful wheels. Double what I paid would be a good price; I'm still in disbelief I nabbed them for 175.

Also neat, the guy I bought them from was the coolest guy. He and his dad had two NA's (one with a 302 nestled in the engine bay), two old Mustangs, and a Bronco. We were talking about the Miata reveal from yesterday and all that. Jalops everywhere, man.

p.s. - your move, YSI

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