Today instead of going to lunch, I headed out to meet a Man from The Internet. For the first time in my life, an e-bay listing “Local pickup only” was actually local to me.

Even 500W halogen lights can’t get my phone to take a decent picture

In exchange for some currency, I received one 1968 Muncie M20, along with a bellhousing (got good price for the bellhousing since it meant he didn’t have to take them apart) and the clutch fork. The seller turned out to be a pretty cool guy, very knowledgeable.

The two grooves match up with two grooves on the input shaft to help the guy on the assembly line get the right gear set - in this case, wide ratio.

Synchros all look good and even the shift forks have fairly little wear. Seller said that this was a pretty low mileage pull from a 68 Camaro that was getting an M22. I said “this should be quite an improvement over the powerglide.” The 1-2 fork was a little finicky getting the cover back on but I suspect that’s just the way it is.

Once I verify again that everything looks good, I’ll clean up the side cover opening (a lot) and seal it up nicely. All that’s left after that is everything else.