Bought a thing!

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So I was going to get the Sony XAV-AX100, and when I left home this morning I told the Mrs to order one I had found on on an open box special marked down to $300. After dropping the kiddo off at daycare I thought I’d stop by Fry’s electronics to peruse their selection of kitchen appliances. While I was there, I decided to walk through the automotive section and that's when I saw it- the XAV-AX200 (same as the 100, but with a CD/DVD player) with a seemingly too-good-to-be-true price: $328, marked down from $450! The promo was actually expired, but since the tag was still on it, they honored the price. I just installed it, and so far I love it! Now to find an extremely long single channel RCA cable so I can install the backup camera...


Hat tip to Honeybunchesofgoats for the Kinja help!

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