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Bought a thing!

I have purchased a thing. A 1987 Honda XR600R to be specific. I’ve been wanting another dirt bike since selling my XR200R, and made a pretty big step up. This thing has some snort.

It’ll need some cosmetic work, but it’s all easy stuff, and I enjoy that kind of work anyway. First on the list is seat foam, seat cover, and a new side panel. After that the blue paint on the engine has to go, along with the tank. I really want to get a set of plastics and do a throwback to the old orange blue and yellow Honda color scheme, but white and blue would also look decent.

I did break my rule of not buying a bike without a title, but I got a good deal on it and the guy I bought it from got it from his fiances family, and he’s contacting them to see if they can help me to get the title. I’m crossing my fingers that I can get the title for this bike because if I can, that means I can plate it, which opens up full access to gravel roads, side roads, and every road and trail system in the Black Hills, also... supermoto. If I can’t get the title, well, I’ll keep an eye out for a titled frame, or it’ll be relegated to off road use only until I can either trade it or sell and buy a titled bike.

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