Bought a truck

Sat in a super snake, test drove a GT350r. Twas a good day.

Base model F150 with a tow package for $20,899. 2018, with four miles on the odometer. don’t think it could really get much better than that for a full size truck in the PNW.


So after checking out all the Fords... I gotta say their interior layout is bad. Really bad. Like, it looks really bad when you’re sitting in the driver’s seat, and the button placement is far from intuitive. The materials themselves are nice enough in the higher trims, but the layout man... Wow. Miles behind pretty much any mainstream Japanese or euro brand.

The F150 in particular is also quite unexciting. It feels like a boat. It’s big, vehicles can be lost behind the tailgate, the steering is incredibly dead and all-in-all, I would say *base model works trucks* in general have not improved in the last 15 years. These trucks are still getting shitty gas mileage, which could have been a big potential draw I suppose. If I could order 2001 Ford Rangers with 8ft beds, manufactured today with a warranty I would do so in a heartbeat for that same $20k spent on a new full-size truck. 90% of the capability, 80% of the creature comforts and vastly improved usability in an urban/suburban area. A 2001 Ranger with some modern engines... Oh man. Gib. Oh, I DID like the cloth seats on the F150. So there’s that. Oh and the one inch square parking brake button... Not a fan.

Sat in a focus RS. Again, interior layout is just so ugly. Buuuut the seats were great, bolstering but still quite comfortable. They weren’t super hardcore by any means, but a good level for a hot hatch. Shifter feel was surprisingly great too!

Okay, Mustangs. This dealership is one of the largest Mustang sellers in the country, and as such they had massive selection of the good stuff. The new Shelby Super Snake looks absolutely incredible. And I’m not a Mustang guy. But good god that thing is monstrous in all the right ways, while still having a certain sophistication that the old GT500's lacked. Asking price on the one I sat in was 130,000. Yikes. Lady I was working with informed me that the superchargers had to be put on after purchase in a different state in order to meet some kind of clean air act. Interesting. She also showed me the “ghost stripe”. Basically just an incredibly subtle racing stripe that can only be seen in perfect light, or if you’re up close and personal. Again, very cool. Ford is killing it with the Mustangs.


I asked for a GT350 test drive and the sales manager mentioned a GT350 test drive if we could run numbers on the F150 quickly.

Alright. That’s good for everyone.

Finished boring truck stuff and was handed the keys to the GT350r, a young assistant in the passenger seat. Turned the key.



Those bastards at Ford had to have known all along that I’d walk out an addict, the flat plane my drug of choice. I want it. I want it bad. Bringing up any other points about the car just seems rediculous when there’s that orgasmic engine note. Some day...


DOTS on the way back


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