Howdy guys! I posted a couple weeks ago regarding the best time to buy a bike. Well, as it turns out, the best time to buy was Friday, so I obliged. 1998 GSXR 600, 36,xxx miles, $1600. It’s not pretty, it’s been dropped but aside from some scratches along the side no serious issues. It’s gonna need some work but seeing as how I’ve only got about a month (if I’m lucky) of riding time left, so it should be an interesting project none the less.

Current issues are;

-Needs a new front tire (decided to go with the Dunlop Q3, should be here Wednesday)

Previous owner lowered it 2 inches (female), so me and a friend who rides professionally are going to replace the rear shock linkage and completely go through the suspension. It is extremely soft currently, so he’s going to “instruct” me on how to make the adjustments and so on.

-It runs “ok”, I’m pretty confident the carbs need to be gone through, and since I’m a “better safe than sorry” type of guy, he’s going to walk me through rebuilding the carbs. While we’re in there, probably go ahead and do plugs and air filter as well. I put a little bit of seafoam in the tank on my last fill up to see if it would be beneficial at all. Regardless, I’ll wind up rebuilding the carbs anyways.

-Key is broke off in the storage compartment lock, not sure how to remedy this one yet.


-Wind screen is cracked from the drop, doesn’t effect anything but it will bother me, so I’m going to wind up replacing it, and probably the plastics eventually

-Front brake handle is bent, will replace it.

-Pads are a little low but the rotors have less than 2000 miles on them, so I’ll go ahead and replace the pads


-Previous owner added some sort of LED kit, its ricey, and will be removed once I make sure that it isn’t going to screw with any of the electrical components.

Overall the bike seems solid, I’ve gotten about 200 miles in over the weekend. The front tire held me back from really getting into the throttle, once the new one arrives it will be replaced immediately. Carbs are going to be my biggest concern, I haven’t had any issues with stalling, but at low RPM’s (under 2k) it does seem to hesitate quite a bit, anything above 2k and it’s right as rain.

Initial impressions? Holy. Fuck. It’s amazing!

Again, I’ve been very conservative with it, the only other rocket I’ve ridden is my friends R6, and that was a totally different experience. At the risk of sounding like a little girl, it was scary the first few rides. I’m beginning to get the feel of the bike, getting more comfortable with leaning in, but again, this goes back to the front tire, once that’s replaced I’ll feel 100x’s better. I’m hoping once it’s on, I can get a good 250-500 more miles on before she gets torn apart over the winter. I’ll keep everyone posted on any news, updates, issues, or questions.



If you look under the tach you can see a little black box, that’s the led kit the pervious owner installed, that will be getting yanked.

Bad lighting but the front tire is bad


Some of the scratches

It does sound good courtesy of the Yoshi pipe, that’s all that matters right?