So the original set of wheels I bought to be my track day set ended up being back ordered for 2 months.

Since I am going to COTA next Friday, this is a problem. So after my wife watched me stress out for 3 days trying to come up with a solution, she told me I could go crazy, budget-wise. So this will be the last big car purchase in a while, but will be totally worth it. I was considering some Forgestar F14's, but the time frame that they would be ready was much too large. So luckily, my buddy had sent me this link the other day to tell me he would eventually get these. I hadn't even come across these in my research yet, but they looked pretty legit and Vorshlag has a pretty awesome time attack Mustang. So I called them up to see if they had it some in stock, and placed my order for 4 18x10" flat black ones. I also ordered the tires yesterday, so when those come in I will post up about them as well.