bought some things for the 911

Got the green light to buy some toys! In case you need a reminder, here is a refresher on what we’re working with

So on to the toys, starting with this Chinese market radio


It’s an RCD330plus - not that the model number should do anything for you unless your a VW fanboi. What matters is it’s a direct OEM replacement with USB and Bluetooth built in. Had the wife really wanted it, another $120 I could have gotten one with apple play as well. She just wants the Bluetooth. The touchscreen also takes her 2015 model Bug in to the year 2015 versus the rcd310 that is in there, making it feeling like early 2006.

Picked up a GTI rear view mirror for 99¢ plus $9 shipping from eBay to replace the tiny round beetle mirror. Unsure of the actual fitment possibility, but the price is worth the risk. Hopefully it works and we can have a little better view of what’s happening behind the car.

There is a decent amount of road noise coming from the trunk/hatch area. I picked up some sound insulation stuff that I plan on laying down to hopefully keep it quiet back there. I’ve never used the stuff before, however those who have seem to be very happy with the results. Much like the rear view mirror, the price was cheap enough that I’m down to take the risk of it not working.

And for the thing that I will probably get made fun of for...slip on exhaust tips.


Do keep in mind this is base model car with minimal options on it. The goal is enough small stuff to make a decent change in overall feel. There are a few things out for delivery today and the rest coming in throughout the remainder of the week. Actual car updates to come!

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