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Bought something dumb

Been thinking about getting another Aero 50 since I got rid of my last one. They are a lot of fun around the city in stock form and decently tunable for more power.

But then I saw this for sale and had to have it.


From the outside, it looks a stock Aero, with only the pipe there to make anyone think otherwise.

Underneath the (pretty extensively modified) plastics however, lies a Minarelli engine out of a 2000 Yamaha Zuma with a 70cc bore kit and about as much aftermarket parts as one can throw at it.


It apparently made 14hp on a dyno, stock they make 3. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but 14hp and 100lbs rips pretty well, especially through a CVT. The previous owner says he got it to 75mph on a gps speedometer, and I’m inclined to believe it after riding the thing.

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