Last year on July 4th weekend, I traded my 996 in on a 997. This year, I bought a 1975 Mercedes 300D. I’ve always been a fan of the w114/115 and when I saw this one on Craigslist, I couldn’t pass it up. I bought it from a dealer in Cincinnati, who bought it as part of a lot of 10 cars from a collection in Tennessee. It has been resprayed at some point, and the paint is nice, but they did a poor job of masking.

The 90 mile drive home was a bit of an adventure. The stop and go coming out of Cincinnati caused the temperature to creep up, then when I went to pull off, I had no brakes. I got it into a church parking lot and stopped with the emergency brake, but then it took a while to find the emergency release. But after letting it cool down it made it the rest of the way home with ease (other then the occasional pumping of the brakes). And I even ran it in the hometown parade yesterday without issue.


I have some work to do on it, planning on flushing all the fluids and putting new belts on it (and get a new hood ornament). Now I’m out of room in my garage as it joins another German diesel (335d), my 997, and my Sprite.