Bought something today

Harbor Freight load leveler comes in at a 6/10 on the sketchiness scale. Probably should have gotten the heavy-duty one.

Finally picked up a complete (supposedly ran-when-pulled; turns by hand at least) 350 to build for the Chevelle. It will get completely gone through and rebuilt, but I like that it is complete and looks to have never been opened up; makes things a bit more predictable and is less likely to be rusted to hell inside.

It’s a -014 block so essentially the same as a -010 - could be 2-bolt or 4-bolt main, not really concerned since I don’t plan on making crazy power with it. Has been sitting in a shed since it was pulled several years ago apparently.


It will be a little while before I tear into it, but maybe I’ll finally find the motivation to start pulling the Chevelle apart soon. I plan to refresh the entire engine bay and do some rust repair while doing the swap.

Unrelatedly, I also picked up all the baseboard for my house today, and got stain matched this past week, so that project can resume. It was an expensive day. I had planned on picking up a welder in the next week or so, but that may have to wait a little longer.

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