Bought This Yesterday; Nearly Died In The Process (1986 Porsche 944)

$1750 was the purchase price, drove it "home" 112 miles, even though it was recommended to me that I shouldn't do that. Probably should not have, and here's why...

About 3/4's of the way back, was getting on an off ramp to exit one interstate and switch to another one (I684-I287), entering a corner, hit a fairly large pothole and heard a very loud bang, knew something wasn't right but couldn't immediately pull off.


Got on the interstate, was stuck in middle lane after the on ramp, traffic was to my right as well as a large two lane exit. Nearly 5 seconds after I got on the interstate, I heard another loud bang, the car swerved a bit, and the rear sank.

I gradually slowed down and attempted to pull off while trying to avoid oncoming cars. I made it onto the shoulder and hopped out to examine the situation, praying that it wasn't the transaxle or some part of the drivetrain. As soon as I hopped out, I whipped my phone out and rang my father to come back, he was about a quarter mile in front of me. As I checked the car out, I noticed that the body of the car was riding on the rear left wheel, and that all but two of the lug nuts from that wheel were gone.

After that initial damage inspection, I stepped back from the car and started to think. Knowing that I don't yet have a AAA card and didn't feel like waiting for them, I attempted to think of other ideas. Then it hit me that the NYS Thruway system and the DOT offer (free?) H.E.L.P. assistance. Not wanting to get slapped by a tractor trailer, I called 911 to dispatch me a H.E.L.P. truck for some roadside visibility and help, which didn't work because they're apparently off on weekends.


Soon enough, my father pulled up and we did a temporary fix so we could continue on our way.

TL/DR: my left rear wheel fell on on my 944 at like 50MPH on an interstate

Notes about the car's design:

-Rear seats are more useless than those in the FRS/BRZ


-Still not used to the side mirrors on it, they seem weird to me, and awesome, like some HD movie, hard not to stare into them for long periods of time

-I really don't like the steering wheel in the 86

-Pretty epic otherwise, so far

And here's the list of what has to be done. Mostly minor issues, some big.




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