Boulder Discount Tire is Incompetent

It all started when I needed new tires. My family had great experiences at discount tire in Denver, so I bought my Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Pluses at the Boulder DT store and paid to have them install them. Fast forward 10 days, one of them is flat. I went to the Denver DT store and had them fix it. They told me there was excessive corrosion that had not been addressed when I bought my tires. So I had them wire wheel it off and reseal the bead. (Bead leak count: 1, 10 days after DT mounted my tires)


Fast forward three more days, the other three tires are looking low. So I went to the Boulder DT and told them to remove he corrosion and reseal the beads. The salesman, Charlie, told me that if they were so badly corroded, that I’d need new rims and the proceeded to show me options for new rims. (Shady selling techniques count: 1) I said no, remove the corrosion and seal the beads. He said fine and they did it. (Bead leak count: 4, 13 days after DT mounted my tires)

Fast forward to Tuesday 4/21. I had them mount my tires to new (used) rims and argued with them to get them to do it for $40 instead of $70. (Shady selling techniques count: 2) Charlie offered to swap out another customer’s winter tires for his summer tires and charge $40 labor. I talked to him and asked why he was charging me $70 and not $40 like the other customer. He gave me some bullshit about the other customer having purchased both sets of tires two years ago from him. So I gave him the rant about how I bought new tires from him for $700 7 weeks ago, my brother bought his tires from DT for $500 3 months ago, and my parents have been buying tires from DT for longer than 10 years. He finally said alright fine I’ll do it for $40. So he did it and I was pleased with the work done. To prove a point to myself, I called the Denver DT after dealing with Boulder DT and asked how much to swap four tires from one set of rims to another set. The man on the phone instantly quoted me $40. (Fast forward to tonight, I went to move my car for the first time since Tuesday and the front right tire was flat. I inspected it for punctured and found none. (Bead leak count: 5, 3 days after mounting my tires)


This is unacceptable. I will be marching in their store tomorrow morning, demanding my money back because they have lost my confidence in their competence. I’ll pay Big O to reseal my leaky bead and end my relationship with DT. Enough is enough.


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