Bounty Hunters II No Prep is this weekend!

The Bounty Hunters II no prep drag race should be a great event if the weather holds out. is providing a livestream of the event on their website. Small tire is paying out $25k and big tire is paying out $50k, I believe (their posters say $25k, but a post on their site says $50k).

Photo courtesy of Bounty Hunters II Facebook page

Tonight they do first round starting at 6 PM. Grudge races are going to be going on between rounds. Who have locked-in bets for grudge racing? I’m glad you asked. Birdman is racing Plan B and Gaylen Smith’s new car. Derek (Silver Unit) is racing Steve Harvey. The Mistress is racing the TX Grim Reaper and Helleanor. The 55 is taking on Da Boogeyman. Kayla Morton is racing Shannon Coan.

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