Instead, I’m dealing with the incompetents at Samsung because one of the SSDs in my workstation died. Which one? Of course it was theirs. The one that’s only 3 or 4 years old. The SSD that’s still working? The 6 year old (!!!) Mushkin with about, oh, 30TB written? Something like that.

So it’s dead, controller cooked, never showed a single damn error or warning, should be simple RMA, right?

Samsung Website: FUCKING BROKEN.
Samsung Phone Support: WORST. IVR. EVER.

Finally got a hold of a person, who was happy to take my info and promised to email me a thing to fill out for RMA. When I commented that the website was broken, they just gave a resigned sigh. “We know.”

Well hey guess what? Their email system doesn’t work either. So I try calling again today.

After 2 hours on hold and I just gave up.

So I’m stuck on my laptop till a new 500GB and 2TB Crucial show up from Amazon tomorrow. Because of course I’m stuck dogsitting the one that can’t be left alone for more than 2 hours, thus ruling out a quick trip to Microcenter for a couple of the stupid cheap Inland drives.


Which yes, also means having to rebuild the entire workstation and restore from backups. That’ll only take several days.

And of course, next week will be nothing but trying to catch up on all the disasters that unfolded while I was taking time off. Thus undoing all the stress relief. I’ve already been warned that I will be walking into a still bigger shitshow on Monday thanks to even more nepotism hires! (And no, not a one of them was actually interviewed or vetted.)

On top of all of that, I still have to schedule the 60k maintenance for Onyxia, also have to look at the alignment (goddamnit PTV, stop being “helpful!” You aren’t!,) need to investigate a minor cold stumble (dirty IAC,) lubricate the spoiler (because nobody realizes you’re supposed to and there is a way to,) wash, wax, detail, find my torque multiplier, and somewhere in there figure out a bunch more computer stuff that is currently broken.


I did not bring anywhere near enough alcohol home with me.