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A Grizzled Middle Aged man punches 32 year old man. Great end of story.

Now clarkson is kind of an Oger, but he's more like shrek and everyone loves him, even though he's occasionally rude, violent and smelly.

I'm not saying he's above reprisal or following rules, but for the BBC to get on its high horse now is slightly ridiculous. First, in the UK I just assumed everyone who worked together went down to the pub at the end of the week, had a few pints, punched each other and continued drinking.

But seriously this is a program where the BBC had no problem putting its cast, producers and crew in very real danger where mortal fear was legitimate, MANY TIMES.

Faulklands, Alabama, death road, Sahara, North Pole, Pakistan, Vietnam, Botswana, chile, etc.


The BBC had no problem with those attacks or dangerous situations, yet 1 punch is enough to hit the brakes...?

How about Jeremy just gives a sincere apology on air or in writing in his column and we move on and you guys go back to producing excellent television with automotive context and intelligence?

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