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BP is still high..

150/102. Yikes. Doc wants to prescribe meds, but I’m anti-drug and have always overcome issues on my own, so I Google how to lower blood pressure:

Fifteen remedies

Here are 15 natural ways to combat high blood pressure.

1. Walk and exercise regularly

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Okay, I can do this. I already do. I can do it more. Sucks that winter is on the way though. The kids are older now and can be left alone which helps, and we have a doggo again which also helps.

2. Reduce your sodium intake

I will start eating MORE less salty foods. I already do. Lots of fruit and veggies so....


3. Drink less alcohol



4. Eat more potassium-rich foods

Already do. will eat MORE.

5. Cut back on caffeine

This is a big one. I drink teas and sodas, so I will be cutting them out, and see how it goes.

6. Learn to manage stress

Job isn’t that stressful, compared to others I have had. Home-wise we have been dealing with the basement flooding issue, and other new-homeowner issues, so hopefully that’s a factor that will ease over time.


7. Eat dark chocolate or cocoa


8. Lose weight

This will go hand in hand with the increased exercise. I’m not like SUPER fat, but I have been around 220 (5"11') since high school.


9. Quit smoking

I do not smoke, and am very rarely around second hand smoke.

10. Cut added sugar and refined carbs

Another diet change I can deal with.

11. Eat berries

I like berries. Again, diet.

12. Try meditation or deep breathing

I tried this in between BP measurements at the doctor just now. It didn’t help. LoL.


WIll try more maybe.

13. Eat calcium-rich foods

I have cut out milk since my oldest daughter is lactose intolerant, and now I have become as well. Will supplement it somehow.


14. Take natural supplements


15. Eat foods rich in magnesium


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