I got the lights alligator clipped together on the Exocet. I’ve never wired a relay before (or damn near anything), so I drew my own diagram. I probably got some of the symbols wrong - but they make sense to me, mkay?! This has been a 2+ month battle so I’m ecstatic.

In unrelated news, my company was featured on BBC4 today. Since our communications and public image is my job, I would have to say good job me! I posted it to our company slack channel so people could see it and enjoy the experience in case they missed it. Unfortunately, I’ve taken to bracing for impact whenever we land some good news coverage. NEVER do I get a “This is great” or a “Wow, love to see us on TV!”. At best, I usually get a litany of nitpicks and sharpened criticisms. At worst, I get berated by employees who think we should take things in a different direction. I figured this would be more of the former and I was right. Within 10 minutes, the first comment was aghast that one of the clips showed an apparently outdated dashboard. Sigh.

This is why I love working on my cars so much. I get to celebrate successes, even small ones, without getting needled to death with useless criticism.