How fucked am I?

Illustration for article titled Brake Bleeder Nipple Sheared: You Guys Are Awesome THANKS!

2014 Cayman S, so of course this is gonna bankrupt me. How does a 5 year old car have this happen? I really wasn’t applying much torque, I only had a 5 inch handle on wrench... At least it broke while closing it so I didn’t lose much fluid as it was leaking and it did close completely. Car still brakes fine and the system held 15psi from my Motive so I should be ok getting it to the dealership tomorrow. UGH most unlucky car ever.


UPDATE 9:00: Just want to do this rather than answer a bunch of similar posts you guys made. I understand how to and that it can be extracted, but how do you depressurize the system so the fluid doesn’t squirt out when you pull the nipple out?

Also yes, I did a track day in May and had a reputable shop do a full flush 3 weeks before that. So, they SHOULD HAVE opened the same nipple I did at some point. It shouldn’t have been untouched for a long period of time essentially.

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