Brake-Dust seems to clear: Remsa anyone?

As I was figuring out how to solve the 'non-available brake rotors'-issue for my 2002tii-to-be, I got a call from my BMW dealership. They've found aftermarket ones from a brand called Remsa. Don't know it, just that it's a Spanish factory.


Other solutions were:

- Tarox or Wilwood brakes (at least twice as expensive but better performance)

- E21 323i rotors with Volvo Calipers (costs all-in about the same but again a few alterations on the suspension side)

To speed up things a bit (I've seem to be stuck the last 2 months) I went for the cheap/fast solution and got the Remsa discs. Let's just see how they hold up on the car. Or, if you have any experience regarding this brand please let me know.


It seems someone had this box lying on a shelve for quite a bit, documentation in the box was not as white as it used to be I suppose, not sure if the picture above displays this correct.

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