I noticed a while ago the master cylinder in the RX7 was leaking juuuuust a little bit. I had been wanting to flush the system to a known fluid anyway, plus I noticed the flex lines looked pretty old, so I ordered a new MC, some DOT braided flex lines (coated), and another liter of ATE200 (which is what I have in all my everything).

Yikes. I’ve been dailying this!
Yikes. I’ve been dailying this!

The MC installation was a piece of cake other than the perpetual “brake fluid everywhere” during installation (why do I have to do things right and bench bleed, again?) and the lines went well, short of one sort-of tough connection on one of the front lines. I noticed as I was cleaning up that the flex lines were very much due...

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Got everything bled out until the fluid was clean and bubble-free and went for a drive. No noticeable difference in normal driving, really, but at least I know the lines aren’t getting ready to burst and the MC isn’t wrecking any more of the paint on the booster.

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