A little backstory first: So my mom drove my car before I got it for a while, and is really harsh on the brakes and she made them start squealing. Now being the car guy I am, I know what that means, and I know how to check the pads. And mine are right on the border of incurring disc/rotor damage. (Here comes the confession) But I've never done any repairs on any cars because the rest of my family isn't into cars like we are and just have stuff fixed at shops. I was hoping for some advice/tips if you wouldn't mind?

-Best place to buy parts?

-What kind should I get?

-How long does it take?

-What's the best way to do it?

My car is a 2004 Acura TSX if that's any help. I really appreciate the help. I understand cars and all of the systems and all that, just have never had to/got to work on them and don't want to do a crappy job and mess up my baby.

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