Brakes are back on (& a tip)

I guess I can take those blocks back outside now

Re-installed the brake booster, MC, calipers, and re-secured the hard lines. One step closer! Tomorrow it’ll be back on the ground (or ramps).

People have told me this is clever, so here’s a trick to share for when you have a socket head screw (i.e. you use an hex driver on it) and not much clearance.


A wrench of the same size as the hex driver will grab the flats and let you get adequate torque in a tight spot.

Next up I need to clean up the A/C harness (the wiring hanging above, it doesn’t unplug from the firewall like the rest of the harness), and I’d like to strip and paint the sides of the frame (as in below the rockers) before going much further. You can see them walking up to the car, so they might as well match the rest of the frame. The next ‘big’ steps require some expensive bits be purchased, so things may slow a little for a while.

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