UPDATE: The truck is back in the shop for the whole works. Front to back, complete brake system replace. Glad Im not footing the bill, parts alone were quoted to me by a dealership to be $3100. Protip: DON’T PUT POWER STEERING OR ATF IN YOUR BRAKE SYSTEM

So my shop accidentally contaminated my brake system with PS fluid (on account of the vendor putting PS fluid in their brake flush tank). They cleaned the tank before they did mine but its still caused major issues with my brake system. Now im back at home and they’ve replaced the master cylinder, replaced some caliper seals, tested other seals and flushed the system with cleaner meant to clear out the contamination. So far so good...but...from what I am hearing, once its in there, its nearly impossible to clear out and I will be fighting this until all system components are replaces...down to the hard lines.

The shop in Moab that did it said ATF, my shop said PS and in either case its contaminated with it, not filled with it. What are your thoughts? The shop has been trying to make it right and I hate to hand them a $1000 repair bill...but...these are my damn brakes, they’ve got to work.

EDIT: I should clarify that they feel really bad about the whole thing and are trying to make it right, comping my repair bill in Moab and putting shop credit on my account and they did tell me if it ever starts to act up they will shotgun the entire brake system. I guess the question is should I even wait for that?