Alright guys, I’ve talked about brake upgrades for the Milan before and it was mainly just talk and (at the time) there were zero plans to race it or really care about upgrades over standard street daily driver brakes.

Well I’ve raced it twice and the brakes held up fine (when I had traction for them to be useful that is hahaha). But I need to replace my front pads/rotors just due to wear.


Rock Auto has a mail in rebate to make this full set only $128(Front set only btw, full car set pictured below is more). This is barely more expensive than the gold level pads/rotors at Advance Auto and frankly I feel like those keep wearing out a bit faster than I’d prefer.

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I’m a bit concerned that the drilled/slotted are going to EAT the brake pads and I’ll be swapping brakes again quick. It’s Power Stop’s Z23 pads which are apparently Carbon Fiber and Ceramic Compound (not that they share the mix on that haha).

I know Justin Hughes of Right Foot Down used them on a Flex I just don’t know how they did wear wise. Link to his story as the RFD guys are awesome:


Thanks OPPO, let me know if you’ve used them.

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