Hey all. I have an ‘05 Mini Cooper S with questionable brakes.

Replaced master cylinder. Bled it till I can’t bleed it anymore. Pedal gets hard when car is off. When car is running, pedal goes down to the floor.

After reading some more, it seemed maybe I had air in ABS pump. Bought a Foxwell OBD2 gizmo that lets me activate the ABS pump, however, I am not sure what all it’s doing. There is no option for autobleed. just to operate ABS pump etc. I did that several times. ABS pump whirs and makes noises, but pedal is still going down to the floor.


Are there any other places where air might be getting I have not checked yet?

I don’t want to take the car to a dealer. it would be 1000-1500 which would basically be the value of the entire car.

Did I buy wrong tool? Do I need some other shit that would bleed my ABS pump?

What am I missing with ABS pump? 


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