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So, I took the Mercedes in for service yesterday (don’t @ me, I had a $100 coupon and an open recall), and their one note to me was that the brakes “won’t make it to the next service interval”, which is probably almost a year.

So they quoted me $2,000 total for front and rears (allegedly it will need both). Presumably this includes 4 rotors, though I was too dumbfounded to clarify.


I haven’t researched yet, but anyone know if there’s anything magical about these brakes?Front rotors are cross drilled.

I have plenty of time, but plan to look into doing this myself and seeing if I can do pads only without compromising braking.

I think they made a mistake warning me like that - around here most people probably just say “yes” because safety, instead they gave me lots of time to research better options...

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