So in this article:

There was some discussion about how Mercury wasn’t ever a luxury brand.

Then there was discussion about the general hierarchies of the brands from GM, Ford and Chrysler.

And that got me thinking about the brand heirarchies for Ford, GM and Chrysler in North America over the years... all mashed together.

What I came up with was:

Ford < Meteor < Monarch < Edsel < Mercury < Merkur < Lincoln < Continental

Envoy (brand for Opels and Vauxhalls sold in Canada) < Geo < Passport < Asuna < Chevy < Saturn < Isuzu < GMC < Hummer < Acadian < Beaumont < Pontiac < Oakland < Viking < Oldsmobile < Marquette < Buick < Saab < Lasalle < Cadillac


Valiant < Plymouth < Fargo < Fiat < Dodge < DeSoto < Eagle < Jeep < Chrysler < Alfa Romeo < Imperial

I’m not sure this heirarchy is accurate. For one thing, is Fargo lower or higher than Dodge? Was Eagle higher or lower than Desoto or Chrysler?


And Edsel was below Mercury even in Canada... but in Canada, it was substituted with Monarch for a while. But was Edsel higher or lower than Monarch or Meteor?

And should Isuzu be higher or lower than GMC? And was Saab truly a little higher than Buick while that brand was alive?


And I have no idea if I’m right about the Envoy brand.

And I realize I forgot about Chrysler’s SRT. That would be higher than Chrysler. But would it be higher than Imperial?


The world needs answers to these questions!!!

Update... I slotted in Jeep above Eagle and below Chrysler... though maybe Jeep should be above Chrysler.... Also added Fiat and Alfa Romeo. Not gonna do Lancia since they’re not gonna sell it over here. And when it was last sold, there was no Fiat-Chrysler connection.